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Bamboo Facts

Luxuriously Soft

Rayon from Bamboo has a drape against your skin that is indescribably comforting.  Our customers make comments such as, ‘it’s like your sheets are hugging you’, ‘it’s like slipping into butter’, and ‘I make snow angels when I get into bed!’. This is because the drape, weight, and feel of the linens are SO different from the feel of cotton sheets.  Many of our customers have said they’ve given away all of their cotton sheets and will not sleep on anything but bamboo. BedVoyage sheets have a thread count of 300, and are softer than cotton sheets that have a thread count two to three times higher. The reason is that our fibers are spun so fine and round that when woven together, they have a hand-feel that is much smoother than cotton.  The linens look like silk when first out of the package. When washed they become even softer, becoming the feel of a cashmere-silk blend.


Because of our round and fine fibers, our linens are incredibly smooth and soft against your skin. People who suffer from skin sensitivities, like eczema or psoriasis, will feel comforted with our non-abrasive linens. Additionally, we do not to treat our linens with chemicals, this means they are formaldehyde-free unlike most wrinkle-resistant cotton, and do not contain flame retardant chemicals. Studies have shown that these chemicals cause allergic reactions in many people, and your comfort is our top concern. Our products have all been tested by TESTEX Swiss Textile-Testing Ltd and we hold the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certification (product class I).  Learn more...

Thermal Regulating

Due to the micro-structure of the rayon from Bamboo fibers, it’s a highly breathable fabric, senses your body temperature, and adjusts accordingly.  Our CEO likes to call it a ‘smart fiber’ because it senses when you’re overheating, and releases the heat through the micro gaps and holes. Similarly, it senses if you are cold and will keep the warmth in around you. This feature is a benefit to couples that sleep differently and can now finally sleep comfortably together. Our blankets are the perfect blend of taking the chill away while still being lightweight enough to keep you from overheating.

Odor Resistant

Odors are not as easily absorbed by rayon from Bamboo, which means that your linens will stay fresh longer and your towels will not develop a mildew scent.  Even a load of bamboo linens left in the washer all day will not create that sour smell that makes you feel you have to run the wash again.  If your teen tosses a wet towel on the floor or leaves one in their gym bag, there won’t be that heavy mildew scent. You can even hang your towel to dry, and reuse it for days before laundering again.

Moisture Wicking

Rayon from Bamboo has an interesting quality of being three times more absorbent than cotton.  You can view this YouTube video to see a demonstration.  The micro-structure of bamboo, with its gaps and holes, draw the moisture away from the body faster than cotton. This feature keeps you drier throughout the night, which is a great help to anyone that perspires or suffers from night sweats.


Bamboo holds the Guinness World Record as the fastest growing plant. It can grow up to 3 feet per day and reach heights of up to 98 feet all without the aid of fertilizers or pesticides. In contrast, non-organically grown cotton accounts for 24% of global pesticide sales and 11% of global fertilizer sales.

Bamboo stalks are cut at harvest, not pulled out by the root, allowing stalks to re-grow from the existing root. This makes bamboo an excellent tool for soil conservation. Commercial cotton grown everywhere except Brazil and Peru is replanted after each year.

Bamboo plays a critical role in the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide. It releases 35% more oxygen and takes in 5 times the volume of greenhouse gases as an equivalent stand of trees. Furthermore, bamboo requires 1/3 the amount of water that cotton does.

BedVoyage rayon from Bamboo fibers are made using organically grown bamboo and the raw materials are selected from non-polluted areas in Asia. BedVoyage linens are made in China from our certified textile plant that has not only passed the Social Responsibility Audit but has also been certified by many top retailers.