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Apple iPhone Unlock Services

Varies by Model- See Chart Below
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Product Description

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Unlock Your iPhone 


Your iPhone can be unlocked from its current carrier in as little as one hour!

Yes, this is 100% LEGAL. Please select your iPhone Model number and the current carrier. When you are checking out, you must provide the IMEI number for your phone in the notes. (Your IMEI can be found by pressing "*#06#" on your phone's keypad.) Your instructions will be emailed to you as soon as your Unlock Code is available.

If there is no code available in the database, you will be issued a full refund.

  • No more roaming charges
  • Switch freely between service providers
  • Increase the resale value of your phone
  • Unlocking is 100% safe for your phone
  • No technical knowledge required. 

Unlock Deliveries:


*Important- PLEASE NOTE the following:

  • Your phone must be in working order
  • The network provider must be the network provider the phone is currently locked to
  • It must not be already unlocked, and still have unlocking attempts left
  • The phone must be out of contract and not reported as lost or stolen.
  • The phone’s original software must not be modified. We can only guarantee the service will work with the original software of the manufacturer and network provider.
  • It must not be blocked with an Apple (iCloud) ID and password or the security option ‘Find my iPhone’. If this is the case, it will not be possible to unlock your phone.
  • All passwords must be known.
  • iPhone 7 and 7 Plus: Models A1778 and A1784 do not work on networks using CDMA technology. Please note that Quality House Corp. will not issue a refund if you unlock either of these models and then cannot use them.
This service will NOT remove a phone from a blacklist (caused by loss, theft or an unpaid phone bill).
PLEASE don't try this is a "cheat" around an unpaid bill, etc.
The unlock will NOT work, and no refund will be provided.
Quality House will issue a full refund under the following conditions:
  • The code does not exist.
  • The unlocking code or instructions sent to you are incorrect or do not work. In the rare event this might occur, the customer must send an unedited video displaying the IMEI (by dialing *#06#) on screen and showing the code being entered. The image must be clear enough to distinguish the keys and typed texts, and the entire phone must be visible at all times. If a mistake entering the code is viewed on the video, we will contact you via e-mail to and work with you to fix the error.
 We will NOT issue a refund if:
  • The IMEI has been blocked by network provider due to loss, theft or unpaid phone bill. An IMEI-blocked phone cannot connect to any network to make calls.
  • Customer errors are made with the IMEI number, serial number, make, model, or network provider. We pay for the service on our end even if your information is incorrect.

Services are available for other phones and networks; inquire and we'll give you a price. 



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