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Growing Celery

Stop buying celery. Use this brilliant method to grow a never-ending supply at home.

Celery is an awesome household vegetable we use for everything from salads to snacks. This veggie is usually cheap enough to buy, but what if we told you that you could easily grow a neverending supply of your own for free?
It's relatively fast and simple to grow your own celery at home. And if you go through enough of it, it's totally economical as well. On top of that, this is a fun project for the kids to get involved in as you can see this plant grow quickly right before your eyes.
Ready to start your own personal celery farm? Let's get started with these helpful tips from our friends at 17 Apart and Veggie Tutorials.
What you'll need:

- A stalk of celery
- A knife
- A bowl or saucer
- A planter
- Soil, fertilizer, mulch
1. Cut off the end of the celery
This is the part of the celery you never use anyways. Now, you can avoid wasting it all together by growing a totally new plant out of something you were going to toss in the trash anyways.
When you cut off this bottom part - where the nub is and the stalks come out of - leave about 3 inches of celery meat on there.
2. Place the roots into a bowl or saucer with water
With the nubbed side down, place it into a bowl or saucer filled with water. Be sure that the top of the celery nub is sticking out of the water, though.
3. Watch sprout and remove outer layers
Over the next ten days, you're going to watch your celery grow a lot! Around day ten you'll probably need to remove some of the outer layers so those new roots and stalks have the room to grow.
4. Plant in pot or garden
Now your celery is ready to be put into some nice, nutrient rich soil. Whether you plant inside out outside be sure to keep the soil nice and moist all the time.
Expert tip: We all know celery is mostly made up of water, so it is very important to keep this plant moist at all times during its growth. To do this, Almanac says you need to do more than water the plant.
We suggest adding mulch and compost around the plant to help keep that moisture in, as well as fertilizing too. The more nutrients and water this celery has, the juicer and better it is going to be.
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