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Growing Pineberries

10 facts you likely don't know about pineberries

If you've ever spied a funky-looking white strawberry and wondered what went wrong, the answer is simple: nothing. Because those white strawberries aren't really strawberries at all. They're pineberries. The white fruit is a relative of the strawberry and they are not genetically modified.
Keep reading to learn 10 things you should know about pineberries:
1. According to StarkBros, the pineberry plant is a low-growing plant, much like a strawberry. The plants even look nearly identical.
2. The pineberry is partially self-pollinating and ever-bearing, which means that once you plant the berry, you can grow more fruit for years to come.
3. The most notable difference between a pineberry and a strawberry is the look, which can help protect the fruit from birds who are more attracted to the bright red color of regular strawberries.
4. The pineberry is smaller and has a flavor and scent that's similar to a pineapple. Contrary to popular belief, this fruit is not a cross between a strawberry and a pineapple.
5. Cross-pollination of strawberries and pineberries does not produce a hybrid fruit, it just produces more berries from both plants.
6. Pineberry starters are a bit on the expensive side, but they are easy to grow. You could also save a little money by growing your pineberry plants and then splitting them later.
7. Pineberries do best in USDA 4-8 zones with moderate temperature ranges. If the weather is too cold the berries won't grow, according to Natural Living Ideas.
8. You can grow pineberries in containers but you should protect them from extreme heat and cold.
9. Pineberries are also called the "Pineberry Strawberry," because of their flavor.
10. You can use a pineberry just as you would a strawberry. They pair well with similar flavors like vanilla, cinnamon, and smoked white fish.
Have you ever eaten a pineberry? If you know someone who'd love to try their hand at growing this fun fruit, make sure to share this story with your friends on Facebook.